What is Batik?

Originating in Java, Batik is a process of waxing and dyeing fabrics which are submerged in dye and then covered with hot wax to make them resist the next colour. Designs are gradually built up through successive dyes being added starting with the lightest tone. The process is a long one and batik is unforgiving, errors are impossible to rectify and much work has to be discarded.


Kay says of the work “For me, the challenge was to adapt Batik into a fine art form. In other words, manipulating and controlling the dye to produce textured form and shape, light and shadow, depth and tone. I am interested in elemental themes and I am inspired by the landscape around me.”


Her work is displayed in Government Buildings, Civic Offices, Schools and private collections.


Kay has had a number of successful solo exhibitions and also weclomes commission work, bringing her clients dreams to life in the form of Batik.